It's your traffic... influence it.Declining Lead Counts or Ad Views Got You Down?

If you’re a typical car dealer, publisher or retailer, traditional (desktop) browsing is still how many consumers interact with you online. Unfortunately, once a consumer lands on your site, there is only so much you can do to make sure they see the content and/or advertising that’s most important to you.

Ad Blockers Got You Down?

With Ad Blocking Software and Click Fraud growing, gaining real ad views for your clients has become nearly impossible.

Enter Instant Retargeting:

This is where the patented and patent-pending tabfluence from pladoogle comes in. With tabfluence installed on your website, you can be certain that desktop visitors see the pages, sections or advertisers that drive the most value for your business. By Instantly Retargeting your website visitors once they left your website, you can literally influence what content is highlighted… all without disturbing their browsing session.

Traffic to our classifieds and coupons pages is pathetic. How do we generate greater awareness of these profitable offerings?

We get this question all the time, and the answer is simple: put these pages in plain view and visitors will interact with them – they just need you to influence their web surfing a little, that’s all. With tabfluence, the content that’s important to you becomes important to your site visitors, as well.

Pop-ups and pre-rolls are annoying our site visitors; and pop-unders don’t seem to work anymore. What are the alternatives?

Old fashioned pop-ups might have generated more ad views, but they also created an annoyance factor for most visitors that was hard to overcome. Today, publishers are trying to recover lost pop-up revenue with pre-rolls that force their visitors to view full-page ads before being ‘allowed’ to enter a site. Not exactly a stellar user experience.

At one time, pop-unders were the answer to these annoyances; but today’s desktop browsers like Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox are forcing these ads to the front: turning pop-unders into pop-ups and interrupting your visitors’ browsing sessions. With tabfluence by pladoogle, browsing sessions are never interrupted, as the content you want delivered – whether a paid advertisement or your Daily Deals page – is deposited in an open tab; behind the tab containing the content your visitor was seeking.

My website was supposed to be designed to drive sales leads for my team; but in reality it’s just expensive brochureware. Is there anything tabfluence can do for me?

The history of pladoogle is all about driving sales from existing web traffic, and tabfluence is no exception. With tabfluence in place, you can be assured that your message – complete with a great call-to-action – is presented to your visitors in a way that drives saleable leads 24/7/365.

To see the value of maximizing your existing web traffic with tabfluence – and to enjoy a no-cost trial of tabfluence by pladoogle – contact us today.